Looking for gardens in San Mateo, Hillsborough & Burlingame
Are you proud of your garden? Have you created something beautiful & water wise? Judges from the San Mateo Arboretum Society want to see your garden. If selected, your garden may be honored by being included in the garden tour in September.
The San Mateo Arboretum Society is looking for gardens for their 39th Fall Garden Tour scheduled for Saturday, September 19. The tour generally includes gardens in Hillsborough, San Mateo and Burlingame.
We make an effort to have a wide range of gardens, from pocket to estate. This year we are especially interested in gardens that feature sustainable practices, conserve water and/or offer interesting educational opportunities. It is understood that we’ll be at the end of a long, dry summer by September 19 and that all gardens will be showing some drought stress by that point. Brown lawns, sheet mulched lawns, water-wise plantings, edibles, grey water systems, etc. all are welcome!
If you have a garden to suggest or would like more information, please contact
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